Can you stick to a Paleo diet on a long haul flight?

The answer to this is a resounding yes.  I recently took a 7 hour Royal Brunei flight from London to Dubai and had requested a gluten free meal.  This was one of many firsts – flying with Royal Brunei (to be fair I’ve heard good things about this airline and an absolute pleasure to fly with), eating gluten free without an ingredient list to guide and flying without family 😦

When the drinks trolley came out I chose the juice option (technically not fresh pressed but beats having sodas which I used to in the past).  The stewardess offered nuts as a snack which I took, scanned the ingredients on the back (did include wheat and gluten) and graciously handed it back to her.  I waited for dinner to be served and wasn’t sure if my request for gluten free would be adhered to.  Lo and behold dinner was served (gluten free!) – TIP if you don’t like waiting for your meal make sure you choose a preferred meal option when booking your flight – these meals always tend to be served first!  My meal consisted of a green salad with grilled chicken, followed by main course of grilled chicken breast with steamed vegetables.  For dessert, I was served a portion of fruit salad.  I was given a couple of rolls which to be fair were probably gluten free but I didn’t risk it!

I am at my sister’s place in Dubai for 2 weeks and it’s going to be interesting sticking to the Paleo lifestyle – loads of vegetables, fruit and shish tawook I guess.  A quick trip to Spinney’s was quite revealing – whilst Free From hasn’t quite caught on yet there are some products available.  I am determined not to fall of the wagon on this trip and make sure I weather the storm – wish me luck.

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