Growing our Own.

English: Homebase logo

English: Homebase logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I decided earlier this year that I was going to go ahead with our growing our own project.  I have been weeding, digging and preparing our back patch whenever we had some sunshine and I  cleaned and prepared all my containers too.  I did not do anything in my garden last year with Shiv being ill so clearing up took quite a bit of time.  This year I wanted to do something different.  I usually plant by seed and end up with lots of seedlings so I decided to buy plug plants of only what I needed.  We went shopping for plug plants in the Homebase garden centre and I am hugely impressed by the wide range of veggie and herb plug plants that they have.  We bought what we needed and the weekend was spent planting the plug plants.  The planting has all been done and precautions taken to keep cats and slugs away.  I hope my plants grow and we have the joy of harvesting and cooking fresh from our garden.

100_7130 100_7128 100_7129

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