Passion fruit with marscapone cheese

WARNING – not for the health/diet conscious or faint hearted – this dessert is simple and can become addictive.

My culinary forte has been mainly in the savoury domain and I have dabbled a little in the dessert making arena.  Off late between the two of us, Anna has taken a greater interest in making desserts – she is into baking and has pulled out some tasty treats with some stunning gluten free recipes.   One dessert I am fond of which came about through a stroke of luck and is simple to make is a rich passion fruit with marscapone cheese and honey concotion served on a bed of crushed meringue.  Think of it as an Eton mess with passion fruit – not exactly a visual treat but irresistibly tasty.

Growing up in Zambia we had a passion fruit vine in our back garden and back then I thought of it as a sour fruit with little value.   Boy was I wrong – if I knew then what I know now I would have experimented a bit more with this fruit and desserts in general.

Passion fruit and marscapone cheese

What do I need to make it?

  • 4 passion fruit – cut and scooped out
  • 250 gm marscapone cheese
  • 2 -3 tbsp Greek honey
  • 4 meringue nests

How much will I make?

Serves 4

How do I make it?

Whisk the marscapone cheese in a bowl.  It takes a bit of effort as the mixture can seem a bit stiff and will loosen up when the other ingredients are added.   Add the passion fruit and honey and whisk further till you get a nice smooth mixture.   Check the mixture for sweetness and add some more honey if needed.  Crumble a meringue nest in each bowl and add a dollop of the mixture and enjoy.

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