Opening a Jar of Sunshine

I was gifted a jar of home made marmalade recently. This special marmalade was  lovingly made by my foodie friend Alison Grayer. I must say that it is  the most lip smacking, gorgeous marmalade I’ve tasted in eons. It was made with orange, grapefruit and lemon  and had the perfect balance of sweetness, tang and  bitterness. Alison’s marmalade ticked all the boxes of taste, texture and colour. The juicy, chunky bits of  citrus are a serious delight. I’m someone who prefers a savory breakfast normally and not a huge fan of any jam or preserve save marmalade. My love for marmalade was cultivated in boarding school.   St.Hilda’s School in Ootacamund, India. The head cook in our school, Mari, made awesome marmalade, the taste of which I and my fellow Hildites still remember fondly.  Alison’s marmalade very much stands on that same lofty pedestal . Thank you Alison for your jar of sunshine. It sure has brought a lot of joy to our breakfasts. 14698899-Citrus-fruits-lemon-lime-orange-and-grapefruit-isolated-on-white-background-with-shadows-Stock-Photo

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