Our Food Odyssey

We met for the first time in August 2005 and the common passion for food was evident as we cooked a lunch together (prawn masala,  Sri Lankan Chicken curry and dahl kabila – an interesting alternative to dahl makhani for all our desi friends).  We worked well in the kitchen and one could not tell that we were total strangers a few days prior.

Ours is an arranged marriage where introductions are made and the rest is up to the couple to decide.  Our earliest chat sessions revolved around foods we loved and what we had for lunch/dinner.  Despite both of us coming from a Brahmin background – the fact that both of us enjoyed our meats sealed the deal.  We got married in December 2005 and sadly cannot remember our wedding meal (despite having one of the best South Indian wedding caterers (Arusuvai Natarajan)  cook for us – hope the guests can remember more than we can!).  Over the years we have influenced each others palates with our own guilty pleasures and childhood favourites.

We have lived in West Byfleet, Surrey since marriage and our family has grown – we’ve got two amazing kids –  Ansh who is nearly 6 and Lola who is nearly 4.   Together we have cooked for friends and family over the years and one comment keeps coming back – why don’t we do something about our passion for food.

So here goes our plunge into blogging – we hope to inspire you to cook and enjoy the culinary arts as much as we do.

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